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Client Testimonials

Corporate Retreat
(Corporate Retreat)

  • When it comes to wellness, Barbara, Stacey and the team at The Royal Treatment are shining examples. They not only share their knowledge and expertise, they live it. Starting a wellness program in a factory setting can be overwhelming but The Royal Treatment made it easy. Together we branded the wellness program letting our people know Southern Specialties is serious about their well-being and implemented a creative customized program for our company. The cost of a wellness program is priceless. Seeing our staff empowered, engaged and motivated to take care of themselves, as well as, feeling deeply appreciated is worth every penny.
    The Royal Treatment’s wellness programs have significantly improved the lives our team. Everyone looks forward to participating in our wellness events. Our tag line is “Let’s Grow Something Special” and The Royal Treatment helps us make that statement come true! We highly recommend them!

    Jean M. Evans
    VP- General Manager, Southern Specialties
  • Out of all the partnerships I have had to form to conduct wellness programming for my employees, the one that I have with The Royal Treatment is one of my favorite ones. They are so easy to work with and seamlessly fit into the culture of wellness we are developing within our organization. I know that I can always rely on a high standard of quality when I work with them and I know that my employees will have a positive experience because of the attention to detail they provide in service execution. It is truly a joy to work with them!

  • On behalf of our professional firefighters I would like to congratulate you and The Royal Treatment team on a job well done. Our members who participated all raved about how much fun they had and, more importantly, how much they had learned. Those who did not attend have since voiced their regrets and, I assure you, they will do their utmost to attend the next Health Fair – especially if The Royal Treatment is part of it. Please impart our thanks to Ratasha (Fitness), Amanda (Nutrition), Deborah (Hearth Health), Anna (Stress Management), and Stacey and yourself (Sleep). Thank you and we all look forward to meeting with you and The Royal Treatment team again in the near future.

  • Our employee thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

    Stacy-Ann King
    PHR of Cross Country Home Services
  • I would highly recommend the services of the Royal Treatment. What started as a wellness session at our annual sales meeting has led to an ongoing relationship that has improved our workplace environment and provided our company leaders with additional management and communication techniques. From leadership training and conflict management, to wellness programs and relaxation techniques, The Royal Treatment has made a very positive impact on our organization with coaching tips that have application far beyond just the office. With their extensive knowledge and professional approach Barbara and Stacey have been highly effective with our employees from every level of the organization in both group and one-on-one settings. If you are looking for a corporate wellness program or coaching that will elevate, motivate and empower your employees both personally and professionally, then look no further! Barbara and Stacey do a phenomenal job and I would recommend them to anyone.

    Rosalie Cosio
    Director of Organizational Development, Matrix Health Group
  • Dear Royal Treatment Team, Thank you so much for providing us with great educational lectures for the local Boynton Beach community! I look forward to working with you all again in 2014!

    Genevieve M.
    Retail Marketing Specialist, Florida Blue
  • I would highly recommend The Royal Treatment. Our employees find their classes extremely helpful and I receive constant positive feedback and requests for them to return for another series. So many people have made lifestyle changes and have taken the tools learned to be better prepared to handle stress.

    Health Education Coordinator, Humana
  • Thanks so much! Every session with you helps me tremendously to cope with the daily challenges and, yes, I practice what you taught us.

    E. G.
    Broward County Government
  • Monday’s yoga class at Office Depot helps me to get my work week beginning in the right frame of mind; calm, grounded & balanced. Thursday’s class gives me energy to make it through the rest of the work week.

    R. S.
    Office Depot
  • I would definitely recommend The Royal Treatment to come into any organization. They were very knowledgeable, fun, energetic and relaxing all at the same time. My advisors truly enjoyed the event while also learning some ways to get fit! This was a great experience that everyone should participate in if they want a healthier, happier more productive office.

    V.P. Ameriprise Financial
  • Barbara Perino and Stacy Joiner of The Royal Treatment definitely provided a true royal treatment to our team during the 2015 Miami Music Project Staff Retreat. I don’t have the words to describe how grateful I am and we all are to them for sharing their extensive expertise, knowledge and kind hearts with us today. This type of session was not only much needed, but also absolutely helpful and appreciated by all of us. I know what my team have learned, realized, awaken, agreed on and taken away from today, will last for the months to come and will keep on giving.

    Anna Pietraszko
    Executive Director of the Miami Music Project
  • It was a big success for sure!!! Thank you for bringing your talents to Jenoptik. We had only a approx. 50% turn out, but it all ran smoothly and everyone that wanted to had an opportunity to visit each station. I really like your format for this type of event. I hope we can work together again.

    Brenda Becker
    JENOPTIK North America, Inc.
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